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The Races

Children’s Races…

Children aged 5-14 and Youth 15-17’s are encouraged to take part in our Coal Race event by entering in a ‘Fun Run’ – racing 100 yards from the Darby & Joan to the Village Green. Registration for these races is now done through our online booking form and cost £6.

Women’s Race…

The Womens race starts from the Royal Oak public house, Owl Lane, Ossett and continues for a distance of 1012 metres to the finish line at the Maypole Green in Gawthorpe village. Women Carrry 20kg of Coal. The current Womens World Record holder is Catherine Foley with 4 mins 25 sec in 2011. There is also a women’s veterans race for over 40’s.

Mens Race…

The Mens Race is split in to three main races and two Veterans Races for those 40 years and over.. Men carry 50kg of coal 1012 metres from The Royal Oak starting line to the Maypole Green in Gawthorpe Village. The Current Mens World Record Holder is David Jones with a record of 4 mins 6 secs in 1995.

The Coal Race is offically timed by a clock that is used for timing racing pigeons as has been the tradition from the beginning of the races. A modern stopwatch is also used to ensure all competitors have a race time attributed to their race finishing position. Please note your time will be recorded when your sack of coal hits the green.

The winner of the Mens Race is the OVERALL winner with the best time over the three mens main races. This also applies to 2nd and 3rd place. The same applies to the Mens Veterans Race where the winner is the best time over the two main races and the same for 2nd and 3rd places.